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"Denise Forestis a talented and empathic therapist who has the ability to help people change and transform their lives".

Bob Shelby, LMFT, MFC #20364
Clinical Supervisor

"I hope that you know how valuable the work is that you have done at Options this last year... And you were one of the best [therapists] that I have seen in the five and a half years that I have been there.

What I saw was an empathetic connection between you and your clients that seemed to have a healing effect. In addition, I got good feedback from the clients themselves.

You were also a valuable sounding board for therapeutic challenges individual clients were facing. I appreciate you".

Gary Anderson,
AOD Counselor, Options Recovery Services

The following are testimonials from clients with whom I worked with in groups prior to my working as an MFT Intern or Licensed Psychotherapist:

I liked Denise's leadership. She was 100% there. Seeing the quality of intuition in me, represented a generosity of spirit which really meant a lot to me. Denise was able to stay and stay in a way that's able to create a shift. In terms, of creating a shift, if there's still something to be revealed, she'll go deeper and deeper.

CSS, Woodacre, CA

Denise created an environment where even though I realized I was terrified to share certain things, I felt safe enough to go ahead and do it anyway.

MK, San Rafael, CA

Denise's tenderness, presence, sincerity and straight forward sticking to the practice of NVC in approaching a potentially painful moment in our group were awesome in the true (not trite) sense of that word. That meeting and its unexpected topic met my need for depth, learning, witnessing, hope and wonder.

KL, San Rafael, CA

The group really helped me see into my issues with my sister and open them up in a way that has helped me move forward in a deeply healing way.

GS, Sausalito, CA

I was impressed with Denise's ability and accuracy in picking up subtle clues that were really meaningful.

HS, Oakland, CA

I came away with something really exciting: It was okay to tell the truth. And that was a revelation to me. All my adult life, I've been trying to say things in a way which would make me appear friendly, agreeable and considerate. Denise showed me that it was possible to tell the truth and not alienate people.

JS, Mill Valley, CA

It's like a great darkness has been lifted.

PS, Concord, CA

Okay, I feel great. I'm on board.

JB, Fairfax, CA

I felt more at peace and present then before I came. I seem to be beginning to access some kind of core emotions in the area of my heart. I am sensing much more aliveness.

GW, Berkeley, CA

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