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"It's an absolute pleasure to serve my clients and see them grow into--- and on their way to their increased self-love and magnificence. I love the work. Seeing clients grow inspires me greatly." Denise Forest, LMFT

My approach to working with clients is based on a collaborative relationship, being with presence, mindfulness, empathy and strength-based, Positive Psychology.

Included in my approach for working with couples and marriages is the state of the art research-based methods by John and Julie Gottman, completing the Gottman Level three training. I welcome couples who want to explore and improve their connection and better their relationships.

Whether in individual work or working in couple's counseling, we'll discover what's vital to your life and your happiness. Clients appear to be able to optimally explore what's present and grow in areas of relationship, finances, and spirituality and love.

I enjoy working with people from all ages (presently 6-76) and from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and sexual orientations.

The psychotherapy offices are in Berkeley and Marin County or by via internet.

I've work with clients in recovery as well as lifers and Prop 36 clients free from incarceration at a clinic in the East Bay. It was a tremendous experience. From 2013 to 2014, I counseled with students from K-8 and in 2011-2012, middle and high school. I am really excited about the work I am doing and enjoy seeing what changes clients make in their lives.

Perhaps it is because of my experience which includes training in mindfulness or meditation since 1983 and the language of nonviolence or nonharming from 1997 along with the training in Transpersonal Psychology in Holistic Studies at John F Kennedy University, that a number of clients have reported to me that I am the best therapist they have seen out of anywhere from 6 to 20 practitioners.

Areas in which I've seen clients' successes in therapy include:

Couples Therapy
Working with fears and
Inner sense of security
Cultural issues
Boundary and Work related issues
Increasing happiness
Social Freedom
Ability to express oneself
Spirituality and
Growing in Being Present to oneself.

I work with heterosexual clients and couples as well as the entire gender and sexuality continuum.

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